Tsafrir Mor
Associate Professor

Home Department: School of Life Sciences
Education: Ph. D., Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Link: Personal Homepage

Dr. Mor is the leader of the Gene Construction, Expression and Protein Production Team. He coordinates execution of tasks concerning expression vector construction, transformation of plants and bacteria and transfection of animal cell cultures. He oversees the establishment of purification protocols for targets and purification to provide material for biophysical and biochemical characterization and crystallization efforts. Dr. Mor manages the efforts concerning HIV1 protein targets (and corresponding cellular proteins) including binding assays, immunological tests etc. Dr. Mor plays an essential role in the following:
  • Expression systems:
    • Transgenic plants (BSL2 greenhouse, in vivo)
    • Transgenic plant cell and organ cultures (flasks, ex-vivo)
    • Virus-assisted transient expression systems (growth chamber, in vivo)
    • E. coli using the novel fusion expression system (P8CBD) from New England Biolabs. (flasks, fermentors, in-vivo)
    • Mammalian cell cultures (flasks, plates, ex-vivo)
    • Insect cell cultures (flasks, plates, ex-vivo)
  • Large-scale purification of target membrane proteins
  • Characterization and functional investigations of target proteins with biophysical and biochemical methods to determine protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions

Tsafrir Mor

School of Life Sciences
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona 85287-1604

phone: (480) 727-7405